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Essential Oils

Essential oils have played a role in healing since ancient times and are said to be the oldest form of both medicine and cosmetics. The Egyptians are believed to have developed the art of distilling essential oils from plants in order to obtain the volatile aroma compounds and, with their healing and aromatic properties, the precious oils were considered more valuable than gold. Used widely across Egypt since 2000 BC, the use of essential oils spread through China and India…and beyond, leading to the modern form of aromatherapy we are all familiar with today

Christmas Fragrance Oils Set
Immerse yourself in the authentic essence of Christmas with our exclusive Christmas Fragrance Oils Set. Crafted with care in the heart of the... more info
Lavender Oil
The lavender plant has been used for centuries to heal a range of ailments, including bruises, burns and minor cuts, as well as chronic diseases such... more info
Eucalyptus Oil
A native plant of Australia, the familiar and heady aroma of eucalyptus oil is believed to not only be antibacterial but to also work as an effective... more info
Sandalwood Oil
Distilled from the heart of the sandalwood tree, sandalwood essential oil has a rich, sweet and woody aroma with subtle smoky undertones that have a... more info
Tea Tree Oil
Renowned for its healing properties, the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia - or tea tree - were originally infused to make tea, hence its name.... more info
Mixed Pack - One of Each
Mixed Pack - One 10ml Bottle of Each of Below Lavender Oil The lavender plant has been used for centuries to heal a range of ailments, including... more info