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10 Beauty Tips Using Salt

It can be difficult, at times, to peel back the hype and praise surrounding a particular product to find out exactly what makes it so spectacular. Such is the case, perhaps, with Epsom salts, a product that has become an ubiquitous item in stores and beauty parlors around the world and yet, to this day, remains a somewhat elusive entity for many who have simply taken it on faith that this particular product offers astounding benefits for body and soul.

Epsom salts have been proven to provide a number of beauty-related benefits for regular users. Here are a few examples of just how powerful this all-natural product can be.

Breakout Reduction

For those who suffer from recurring acne outbreaks, a facial scrub which includes Epsom salts may help reduce the size and severity of this annoying event.

Improved Hair Texture

An Epsom Salt-based hairspray can dramatically improve the volume and texture of hair. For those seeking the “fresh off the beach” look for their daily hair style, Epsom salts may do the trick!


Epsom salts can work wonders for women who are in need of a simple, no-nonsense facial exfoliator.

Regular application of Epsom salts in this fashion can dramatically improve the quality of your complexion.


When mixed with lukewarm water and gently sprayed onto the face, Epsom Salts function marvellously as a toner.

Chapped Lip Healing

During the winter months, it's not uncommon for men and women to suffer from dry, chapped lips. Mixing a few tablespoons of Epsom salts with Vaseline can create a powerful, ad-hoc lip balm that will moisturize and heal cracked lips.

Foot Soak

For those who may be suffering from brittle nails or fungal infections on their feet, an Epsom salt-based foot soak can quickly cure these ailments.

Soothing Puffy Eyes

By combining Epsom salts with hot water, women can create a simple solution for reducing the appearance of puffy eyes and ensuring that one's skin looks reinvigorated and fresh.


Epsom salts can also serve as an excellent ingredient within an all-natural mouthwash product.

Toxin Release

Epsom salts have been shown to help purify the body and remove harmful toxins that lead to bloating and other adverse side effects.

Salt Scrub

A simple Epsom salt scrub can lead to significant improvement of complexion with repeated use.