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Himalayan Cooking Salt

Add a pink boost of nature to your cooking with our exceptional quality Himalayan Salt, 
One of the purest forms of salt, pink Himalayan Salt is naturally harvested from the mountains of Pakistan, leaving it with minerals and trace elements not found in ordinary table salt. The result is a high quality, delicious yet mild-flavoured salt that is perfect for cooking. 
Free from additives
Our Himalayan Salt has over 80 minerals and trace elements, which gives it its characteristic blush pink colour and makes it a flavoursome, therapeutic ingredient to add to your kitchen cupboard. 
Minimally processed, our Himalayan Salt is free of any additives and is a more natural alternative to table salt. Thanks to the higher mineral content – it’s the iron, potassium and magnesium that creates the pink hue - Himalayan Salt also has a delicate saltiness to give a unique taste that won’t overpower other flavours in your dishes. 
How to use
With its distinctive rose-coloured granules, Himalayan Salt will be an eye-catching addition to your cooking ingredient essentials.  Available in fine crystals, Himalayan Salt can be used in a host of ways. 
Use as a table condiment to add flavour to cooked dishes or as a garnish to finish off soups or salads. Himalayan Salt also makes a delicious rub for meat and can be used to create sauces and marinades as well as a seasoning for vegetables and seafood. Our Himalayan Salt is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians. 
Our Himalayan Salt comes in a convenient selection of pack sizes and all orders come with free, next day UK delivery. 

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